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Providing superior tree removal throughout the Asheville area

Douglass Tree Service provides professional, courteous and quality service in all areas of tree care to Arden NC, Asheville NC, and Hendersonville NC gained from a decade of experience in tree service.

We are reliable, affordable and dependable.  We specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, storm damage removal, and soil and lawn soil amendments.  I realize it is easy to say we are better or different, but we work hard every day to make sure our clients are thoroughly pleased with the quality of our work.  Even when the work is through, we will still follow-up to ensure your satisfaction.  No job is finished until you are satisfied.  

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Most Common Reasons to Hire a Tree Service Company in North Carolina:

Just about every homeowner in North Carolina has at least one tree in their yard, and most of these have multiple trees. Most North Carolina homeowners even have a variety of trees on their property. At some point, these trees will need to be cared for. By working in the North Carolina tree service industry for over a decade, we have been able to accumulate the most common reasons why a North Carolina homeowner will need a tree service company.

1. Tree Has Dead Branches

Dead branches can be hazardous to your trees.  Dead wood is a favorite treat of many insects. A dead branch can play host to hundreds of insects and serve as a launching pad to other areas of your yard and home.  Dead branches can also become infected. The infection could then spread throughout the tree, killing the tree and requiring that the tree be removed. Infection could also spread to other trees in your yard. We have helped countless North Carolina homeowners protect their trees. Trimming these dead branches off saves the tree by preventing infection and infestation.

2. Tree Branches That Are a Nuisance

When a tree’s branches become too long, it’s time for tree trimming. A tree needs to be trimmed if you are unable to walk around the tree’s trunk. Another way tree branches can be a nuisance when they are too long is if they are hitting or rubbing against your house, garage, or gutters. This can cause unsightly damage to your home by scratching and wearing away. These limbs can also cause damage by falling off during high winds and damage your roof and gutters. Another area it is important to trim your trees is surrounding your driveway. If a tree’s branches are hanging over your driveway, they can damage your car during a severe storm and high winds.  It is very important to take care of these problems as soon as you notice them by hiring a tree service. Severe weather and strong winds are common in North Carolina and could happen at any time during the year.

3. Trees That Look Unsightly

Trees should add beauty and value to your property, not be distasteful blights. If you notice that your tree has an odd or unappealing shape to it, then we can help you with shaping it by tree trimming. Your tree’s branches may be uneven, lopsided, or have many branches on one side and very few on the other.  All of these are problems we constantly see in North Carolina. We can help your tree by trimming limbs that need to go and helping branches grow back so your tree looks healthy and beautiful.

Another way trees can look unappealing is if they become cracked or are stuck by lightning. While lightning can make the tree look unattractive, the real danger is that if the tree is left untreated, the tree could die. The longer you wait to treat you tree, the more difficult it will be to fix and the more likely that the tree will be permanently damaged and need to be removed.

4. Tree Blocks Sunshine from Your Yard

North Carolina gets plenty of sunshine, but if your trees are preventing the sunlight from reaching the ground, your grass and flowerbeds will suffer. Your trees should provide some shade and relief from the hot North Carolina sun, but some light should still reach the ground. If you cannot see sunshine when look at your tree’s canopy, then your trees need to be thinned and trimmed. This not only ensures that your yard will get all the sunlight it needs, but it also allows your tree to get the sunlight it needs to grow properly and remain healthy.

5. Storm Damage Removal

When severe weather strikes in North Carolina, it hits hard and fast. These violent storms can leave your yard in tatters with fallen trees and limbs scattered throughout. While these are most apparent, it is what you fail to immediately see that is most threatening. The limbs that were damaged but did not fall can cause incredible damage to your home and trees. If the limb cracked away from its base, an entry point is created for insects and disease. This will quickly turn your healthy tree into a sickly, diseased one. After storms or high winds, it is important that you inspect your trees by giving them a quick look over to see if you need the help of an experienced tree service company in North Carolina. If you do have problems that need to be taken care of, you can count on Douglass Tree Service to provide quality and professional tree service in North Carolina.

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